fs - Introduction to the fs command suite


The commands in the fs command suite constitute the main administrative interface to the Auristor Cache Manager on a client machine. The Cache Manager is responsible for fetching data from file server when applications traverse the /afs file namespace.

There are several categories of commands in the fs command suite:

The Cache Manager and the fs commands use the following configuration file:


The yfs-client.conf(5) file contains all of the configuration and locally specified cell information used by the cache manager.

In addition, the Cache Manager automatically creates files on the cache partition (by default, /Library/Application Support/com.auristor.afsd/cache) for caching and tracking files fetched from file server machines.

For more details, see the reference page for each file.


The following flag is available on every command in the fs suite. The reference page for each command also lists it, but it is described here in greater detail.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The privileges required for fs command suite varies by command. Pay attention to the PRIVILEGE REQUIRED section of each command description.

The various types of necessary privilege include:


afs_cache(5), fs_apropos(1), fs_checkservers(1), fs_checkvolumes(1), fs_cleanacl(1), fs_copyacl(1), fs_diskfree(1), fs_examine(1), fs_flush(1), fs_flushall(1), fs_flushmount(1), fs_flushvolume(1), fs_getcacheparms(1), fs_getcalleraccess(1), fs_getcellstatus(1), fs_getcrypt(1), fs_getfid(1), fs_getserverprefs(1), fs_getverify(1), fs_help(1), fs_listacl(1), fs_listaliases(1), fs_listcells(1), fs_listquota(1), fs_lsmount(1), fs_memdump(1), fs_messages(1), fs_minidump(1), fs_mkmount(1), fs_newalias(1), fs_newcell(1), fs_quota(1), fs_rmmount(1), fs_setacl(1), fs_setcachesize(1), fs_setcell(1), fs_setcrypt(1), fs_setquota(1), fs_setserverprefs(1), fs_setverify(1), fs_setvol(1), fs_storebehind(1), fs_sysname(1), fs_trace(1), fs_whereis(1), fs_whichcell(1), fs_wscell(1), yfs-client.conf(5)


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