fs_trace - Enable or disable Auristor Cache Manager tracing [Windows only]


fs trace [-on|-off] [-reset] [-dump]


This command enables or disables Cache Manager tracing, resets the trace log, or dumps the log. When you dump the log, two files are created in the Windows Temporary directory: afs-buffer.log and afsd.log. Any existing files with those names will be replaced.


This command is only available on Windows. For UNIX see the fstrace(8) command.


Any combination of the following options may be specified, except that both -on and -off cannot be specified at the same time.


Turn tracing on.


Turn tracing off.


Resets the tracing information, discarding any trace-information collected up to this time.


Creates a dump file containing the trace information.


If successful, the output of this command (for any option) will be:

   Cache Manager tracing enabled

If unsuccessful:

   Cache Manager tracing disabled


The following command starts tracing:

   % fs trace -on

The following dumps the current contents and resets the trace log, then turns tracing off:

   % fs trace -dump -reset -off


The issuer must be have Auristor Client Administrator access to issue this command.


fs(1), fstrace(8)


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