fs_flushall - Forces the Cache Manager to discard all cached files or directories


fs flushall [-help]


The fs flushall command flushes all data and status information from the cache. The next time an application requests data, the Cache Manager fetches the current version from a File Server, along with a new callback and associated status information.

To flush data from a single file or directory, use the fs flush command. To flush data from a single volume, use the fs flushvolume command. To flush a corrupted mount point, use the fs flushmount command.



Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


This command produces no output other than error messages.


Aside from the help, there is only one way to run fs flushall, which is as follows:

   % fs flushall


No special privileges are required for this command.


fs_flush(1), fs_flushmount(1), fs_flushvolume(1)


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