fs_setcrypt - Modifies the state of encryption for Cache Manager operations


fs setcrypt [-crypt] <on/auth/off> [-help]


The fs setcrypt command sets the status of network traffic encryption for the Cache Manager. This encryption applies to communications between the Cache Manager and File Servers or Location Servers.

The actual use of encryption and the chosen encryption algorithm is determined by the existence of valid rxkad or yfs-rxgk tokens and the security policies (if any) applied to the File Servers.

The default encryption status is enabled. You can alter the default encryption state by executing fs setcrypt -crypt off or fs setcrypt -crypt auth immediately after the client daemon starts. For example, on Unix/Linux, you can do this using the yfs-client.conf(5) [afsd] postscript parameter.


When rxkad tokens are in use, network communications will be encrypted using an encryption algorithm called fcrypt. Fcrypt is based on DES but is slightly weaker. Fcrypt and DES are obsolete. Consider upgrading the cell to use yfs-rxgk to obtain support for AES256 encryption.

Encrypting file traffic requires a token. Unauthenticated connections or connections authorized via IP-based ACLs will not be encrypted even when encryption is turned on.


-crypt <on/auth/off>

This is the only option to fs setcrypt. The -crypt option takes either on, auth, or off. on enables encryption. auth enables integrity mode. off disables encryption and integrity protection. Since this is the only option, the -crypt flag may be omitted.

0 and 1 or true and false are not supported as replacements for on and off.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


This command produces no output other than error messages.


There are only four ways to invoke fs setcrypt. Either of:

   % fs setcrypt -crypt on
   % fs setcrypt on

will enable encryption for authenticated connections and:

   % fs setcrypt -crypt off
   % fs setcrypt off

will disable encryption.


The issuer must be logged in as the local superuser root.


fs_getcrypt(1), yfs-client.conf(5)

The description of the fcrypt encryption mechanism at


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