fs_setverify - Enables or disables data verification for store data operations [Windows only]


fs setverify [-verify] <on/off> [-help]


The fs setverify command sets the status of data verification for store data operations by the Cache Manager. When enabled, each store data operation is followed by a matching fetch data request. If the data does not match, the operation is repeated. The complement of this command is fs getverify, which shows the status of data verification in the client.

The default data verification status is disabled.

This is a global setting and applies to all subsequent connections to an File Server from this Cache Manager. There is no way to enable or disable verification for specific connections.


The fs setverify command is only available on Microsoft Windows. There is no equivalent for other platforms.


-verify <on/off>

This is the only option to fs setverify. The -verify option takes either on or off. on enables data verification. off disables data verification. Since this is the only option, the -verify flag may be omitted.

0 and 1 or true and false are not supported as replacements for on and off.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


This command produces no output other than error messages.


There are only four ways to invoke fs setverify. Either of:

   % fs setverify -verify on
   % fs setverify on

will enable data verification and:

   % fs setverify -verify off
   % fs setverify off

will disable data verification.


The issuer must be logged in as the local superuser root.




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