fs_rmmount - Removes a mount point


fs rmmount -dir <directory>+ [-help]

fs rm -d <directory>+ [-h]


The fs rmmount command removes the mount point named by the -dir argument from the file system. The corresponding volume remains on its host partition or partitions.

To remove a volume use the vos remove command.


-dir <directory>+

Names a directory that is actually a mount point for a volume. The last element in the pathname provided must be the name of a directory entry. The pathname cannot end in a directory separator nor can it be the placeholder entries for the current directory (.) or the parent directory (..).

Specify the read/write path to avoid the failure that results from attempting to change a read-only volume. By convention, the read/write path is indicated by placing a period before the cell name at the pathname's second level (for example, /afs/ For further discussion of the concept of read/write and read-only paths through the filespace, see the fs mkmount reference page.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The following command removes the mount points jones and terry from the current working directory (the /afs/ directory).

   % fs rmmount jones terry


The issuer must have the d (delete) permission on the ACL of the directory that houses each mount point.


fs_lsmount(1), fs_mkmount(1), vos_remove(1)


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