fs_listcells - Displays the location servers known to the Cache Manager


fs listcells [-noresolve] [-help]

fs listc [-n] [-h]


The fs listcells command formats and displays the list of the location servers that the Cache Manager stores in kernel memory for known cells.

At each restart, the Cache Manager copies the contents of the local [cells] configuration from /etc/yfs/yfs-client.conf into kernel memory. Location server lists for additional cells can be obtained by the Cache Manager via DNS SRV and DNS AFSDB record lookups. To manually modify the list of location servers for a cell between restarts, use the fs newcell command.



Displays each location server's IP address rather than hostname.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The output includes a line for each cell known to the Cache Manager, in the following format:

   Cell <cell> on hosts <database server machines>

The Cache Manager stores IP addresses, but by default the fs command translates them to hostnames before displaying them, by passing them to the cell's name service (such as the Domain Name Service or a local host table). The name service sometimes returns hostnames in uppercase letters. An IP address will be displayed if a hostname cannot be resolved.

Using the -noresolve flag bypasses the translation to hostnames, which can result in significantly faster production of output. The output includes IP addresses only.


The following example shows output for several cells as illustrations of the different formats for machine names:

   % fs listcells
   Cell on hosts
   Cell on hosts


No special privileges are required for this command.


yfs-client.conf(5), fs_newcell(1)


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