genvol - Generates an Auristor volume dump from a file hierarchy


genvol -item <[files]>+ [-verbose] [-norecurse] [-noxdev] [-setacl <ptsid ACLrights>+] [-skipnode <skippath>] [-name <volume name>] [-id <volume id>] [-time <dumptime>] [-file <dumpfile>] [-mountpoint <mountpount>+ ]


The genvol command emits a Auristor volume dump file that can be restored with vos_restore(1). genvol takes a list of files or directories and builds a dump. Optional parameters allow adding Auristor-specific features to volume dump in addition to the files.


-item <files/directories to include>+

Specifies the files and directories to be included in the dump. Unless norecurse is specified, directories will be traversed and children included.


Be verbose. Print out information about each file.


Don't recurse into directories. Just include files from the specified directory.


Don't cross mount points. Only include files from the device with the directory specified for inclusion.

-id <volume ID>

Specifies the volume ID number of the read/write, read-only, or backup volume to claim in the dump.

-name <volume name>

Specifies the volume name of the read/write, read-only, or backup volume to claim in the dump.

-time <dump from time>

Specifies whether the dump is full or incremental. Omit this argument to create a full dump, or provide one of three acceptable values:

-file <dump file>

Specifies the pathname of the file to which to write the dump. The file can be in /afs. A partial pathname is interpreted relative to the current working directory. If this argument is omitted, the dump is directed to the standard output stream.

-mountpoint <mountpoint to create>+

Creates a mountpoint in the dump. The format of each mountpoint is relative path:[% or #][cellname:]volumename, where:

-setacl <access list>+

Describes an access list which is applied recursively to all directories in the dump. The list is formatted as pairs of numeric pts ids and access control bits as described in fs_setacl. For example, -101 rl -A -204 rlidwka would set an ACL with system:anyuser read and system:administrators all.

-skipnode <files/directories to omit>+

A list of files and directories to be omitted from the emitted dump.


The following command creates a dump of a volume named user.bill with volume number 100 in a file named bill.dump, with an access control list allowing AUN 102 full access, and members of group system:anyuser read access to all files, including all files in the directory home as well as the file named readme.txt, omitting the file home/private.txt, and including a mountpoint at home/www for a volume named user.bill.www.

   % /Library/Auristor/Tools/sbin/genvol -setacl 102 rlidwka -101 rl \
     -item home readme.txt -skipnode home/private.txt \
     -mountpoint home/www:#user.bill.www -name user.bill \
     -id 100


The issuer must be logged in as a user who can read all specified files.


fs_setacl(1), vos_dump(1), vos_restore(1)


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