dumptool - Interactive tool for extracting content from volume dumps


dumptool [-f] [-v+] [-i] <file name> [-help]


The dumptool command allows the user to enter an interactive mode to navigate and extract content from an AuriStorFS or OpenAFS volume dump.

dumptool expects to be invoked against a file containing a dump as generated by vos_dump(1). Typically this would be saved via vos_dump(1)'s file option, however it could be extracted from another backup system which stored dumps in the same format.



Force dump processing. Attempt to continue processing a dump even when some errors are detected.


Verbose mode. Output additional information during dump processing. Each -v will increase output.


Inode dump. Dump a list of all files in the volume, with their volume/vnode/uniquifier information.


dumptool will scan the dump file, build indexes of all listed vnodes, and present a prompt (">") that accepts the following commands:

    ls - Lists files in the current directory.

Filename globbing (e.g., wildcards such as * ?) are supported. The ls command accepts the following flags:

    -l - Generates a "long" listing, similar to the -l switch for
    the Unix ls. Displays Unix mode mask, owner, group, and file size.

    -i - Displays volume, vnode, and uniquifier for each matching
    file in the format volume.vnode.uniquifier.  Note that the volume
    displayed is that of the _parent_ volume, which in the case of a
    backup volume is the _original_ volume from which it was generated.

    -F - Append / to filenames for directories, @ for symlinks,
    and * for files which have the execute bits set.

    -R - Recurse through all subdirectories.

    cd - Change the current directory

    cp - Copy a file from the dump.

Note that globbing is NOT supported, and you must give a filename (the Unix idiom of just giving a destination directory for the second argument to cp will NOT work).

    vcp - Copy a file from the dump, by the vnode.

The first argument is the vnode number, optionally followed by the uniquifier.

    vcp 126278 /tmp/file1
    vcp 126278.43289 /tmp/file2

    quit - Exits dumptool.

    exit - Exits dumptool.


Here is an example of a dumptool session:

   % dumptool  -v /tmp/myvolume.dump
   Dump is for volume 536893282 (myvolume)
   Volume information:
   id = 536893282
   parent id = 536892774
   name = myvolume
   flags = blessed
   uniquifier = 6917
   Creation date = Mon Dec  7 13:57:41 2020
   Last access date = Wed Nov  4 15:51:03 2020
   Last update date = Thu Sep 10 17:10:18 2020
   Volume owner = 0
   Scanning vnodes (this may take a while)
   Primary vnode scan completed
   Secondary vnode scan completed
   > help
   Valid commands are:
   ls            List current directory
   cd            Change current directory
   cp            Copy file from dump
   vcp           Copy file from dump (via vnode)
   quit | exit   Exit program
   help | ?      Brief help
   > ls
   .      ..     NEWS   source
   > ls -l
   drwxrwxrwx 3   0        20             2048 .
   drwxrwxrwx 3   0        20             2048 ..
   -rw-rw-rw- 1   103      20             5076 NEWS
   drwxr-xr-x 11  108      20             2048 source
   > > cd source
   > ls
   .                        rhel5                    rhel7
   ..                       rhel6                    rhel8
   > cd ..
   > cp NEWS /tmp/NEWS
   > ls -i
   536893282:0.1:1      .
   536893282:0.1:1      ..
   536893282:0.12:15    NEWS
   536893282:0.15:8     source
   > vcp 12 /tmp/NEWS-i
   > exit


The dump file must be readable and the current directory must be writable.




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