Developed From Customer Needs

The technologies that power all AuriStor solutions are designed to satisfy our customers' operational requirements for availability, security, scalability, performance, and functionality.

Global File Namespace and Location Independence

Through the use of location independence and a global file namespace, users and services enjoy reliable access with or without replication; even during maintenance operations. AuriStor Clients in combination with the AuriStor Location Service handle the mapping of where a file object is stored behind the scenes. From the user perspective, the path never changes even when the file's volume is moved or replicated to a new AuriStor File Server or geographic location. This increases reliability and reduces the need for disruptive planned outages.


AuriStor network protocols are designed around a simple idea. The trust level of any message is dependent upon the authentication of the user, the identity of the device the message is sent from and the network on which it is sent. The AuriStor security model provides for superior multi-layer access control and group management of users, devices and networks. AuriStor can be integrated with common authentication providers such as Active Directory and Kerberos.

Multi-platform Support

No matter what platforms your computing infrastructure leverages AuriStor is there: Native clients are available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris and AIX. Mobile devices can access files through mobile apps and web browsers.

Native File Experience

AuriStor native clients are integrated into the operating system providing end users the native platform experience they’re already familiar with. Familiar individual workflows based around Office documents or Adobe artwork files can be maintained, easing adoption and reducing training.

Atomic Publishing

Many workflows involve the development of content consisting of multiple files and directories. AuriStor simplifies the test and release cycle with its integrated atomic publishing capabilities. Once all the information is ready in a private read/write workspace, a read-only snapshot can be created and replicated globally.

Global Accessibility

AuriStor technology is secure even when used on the public Internet. Your employees and business partners can safely access your data without the complexity and security weaknesses introduced by VPN solutions. With AuriStor access to the storage cloud is a seamless integrated experience, whether in the office or on the road.

Federated Access

AuriStor’s authorization model leverages the capabilities of federated authentication infrastructures. Together with AuriStor’s global accessibility, secure collaboration between trusted organizations has never been easier.

Distributed Administration

With AuriStor, every server can be securely administered from any trusted device and network. Organizations can delegate aspects of file namespace administration to different business groups while restricting their actions. For example, access control responsibility for a portion of the namespace can be delegated to an independent business unit while restricting the users, devices, and networks to which access can be granted. Finer grained administrative functions can be provided to non-administrators based on organization role for more effective local project management. Finally, administrative functionality is entirely scriptable, enabling organizations to tailor and automate many routine global functions such as distribution, replication and restoration.