Our storage solutions address a broad range of business requirements.

The right storage infrastructure must do more than store and serve data files. Deploying AuriStor cloud storage strengthens security, reduces costs and improves reliability for many business work flows.

General Storage

AuriStor brings the benefits of a private or hybrid storage cloud to individuals and project teams. Users can access their documents, presentations, artwork and project files from any device, wherever they may be. Accessing this unstructured data is done securely and seamlessly whether they are at the office or on the road. Teams and individuals can set up their own directories and authorize access to subsets of their files in order to collaborate with other people inside or outside their organizations. Organizations can allocate storage for an explicit purpose and restrict the grantable access based upon data classifications.

System Management

Whether managing a cluster of general use workstations or back end servers, AuriStor enables efficient deployment and maintenance of computing systems. Once an application or configuration image is tested and ready, the atomic publishing capability can seamlessly deploy the data to desktop computers or servers. Heterogeneous environments are easily handled through platform specific redirection. Leveraging these AuriStor capabilities enables physical and virtual machines to be provisioned rapidly into service, reducing valuable IT maintenance time.

Information Publishing

The publication of web site content, application binaries, documentation sets and configuration data can all benefit from a test-and-release process. With AuriStor organizations can rapidly produce read-only snapshots from a read/write file namespace which can be efficiently replicated globally. The atomic property of a snapshot release action ensures that users have the latest information regardless of their geography. Client systems automatically fail over to alternate replica sites ensuring high availability of critical data.

Stateless Computing

Managing multitudes of desktops and servers can be a heavy cost burden for any organization. Maintaining the state of each machine locally is a major factor in driving IT costs higher. With AuriStor home directories, application binaries and system configuration can be stored in the cloud, reducing the cost of managing desktop, laptop and server deployments. A key AuriStor technology that enables fully stateless computing is platform specific redirection. Simply stated, client assigned labels are used to automatically redirect file namespace components to the appropriate application and configuration file versions. Users do not need to remember platform or device specific paths. Administrators can more efficiently scale out services by referencing already deployed configurations and application deployments.

Project Collaboration and Workflows

Many production workflows include staging of files for applications and user or process groups. A photo service may provide a storage directory for initial transfer of pictures from various field photographers. An initial stage in their workflow may perform various preparatory processing, gathering the pictures ready for review on the web site. Once pictures are selected for ordering, the photo files are transferred for final retouching and downloading. By leveraging the rich security models of AuriStor, access can be properly controlled at each stage of the workflow. In addition, conventional applications can be integrated into a networked and distributed workflow.