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AuriStor, Inc. (formerly Your File System, Inc.) produces secure, scalable cloud storage solutions that reduce the cost of managing the ever increasing unstructured storage needs of global enterprises, small & midsize businesses and eventually, individuals. AuriStor envisions a world in which all users experience the benefits of a universal globally accessible file namespace that provides all of the capabilities and performance of local disk file systems. In this world, operating systems, applications, and user data are executed locally for performance but are logically managed in the network simplifying hardware replacement, reducing risk of data-loss, improving accessibility, providing new opportunities for collaboration, application development and business models.

The AuriStor principals have worked together for over fifteen years on Internet-based network file system and security technologies. These collaborations have led to the delivery of successful storage and security solutions to multiple industries, including finance, high performance computing, government research, and computer industry leaders including Apple and Microsoft. AuriStor is the third startup created by founder Jeffrey Eric Altman.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded Small Business Innovation Research grants in 2008 and 2009 to develop the AuriStor File System. Revenues are generated from software licensing and support contracts in multiple markets such as research organizations, academia and high finance.

AuriStor team members utilize our technology to successful collaborate from multiple locations. Headquartered in New York City, AuriStor team members reside in New York City, Cambridge MA, Edinburgh Scotland UK and Nova Scotia Canada. Through strong connections to the key academic institutions, AuriStor taps the strong talent pools in engineering and business to power our talent growth.

The AuriStor File System addresses an unfilled area of the network based file storage market, providing a superior cross-platform solution than Microsoft’s Windows Distributed File System (DFS), a more reliable solution than Gluster and a more cost effective solution than BlueArc or Panasas for general storage needs. As enterprises continually look to control costs in the growth of their unstructured data, AuriStor presents a compelling value position to meet this need.

AuriStor’s initial focus on the large enterprise market will expand to encompass personal storage solutions in the home, in the cloud and resold through internet service providers. Competitors in this space include Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Amazon’s CloudDrive, Apple’s iDrive, DropBox, and many others. The AuriStor solution differentiates itself from these file copy/sync services by providing full file system semantics in the cloud permitting real-time operations with a minimum of network traffic.

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2021 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx