fssync-debug_vgcscanall - Force a VG cache rescan on all partitions (FSYNC_VG_SCAN_ALL opcode)


fssync-debug vgcscanall [-reason <sync protocol reason code>] [-programtype <program type code>] [-help]


The fssync-debug vgcscanall command forces a rescan of the volume group cache (VGC) for all partitions attached by the fileserver.


-reason <sync protocol reason code>

Specifies numeric sync protocol reason code. Available codes are listed in OpenAFS source file src/vol/fssync_inline.h. For SYNC_REASON_NONE, use -reason 0.

-programtype <program type code>

Specifies program type code. Permitted values are fileServer, volumeUtility, salvager, salvageServer, volumeServer and volumeSalvager.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The issuer must have write access to the file server. Usually, this means that the issuer must be the local superuser root on the file server machine.


fssync-debug_vgcadd(8), fssync-debug_vgcdel(8), fssync-debug_vgcquery(8), fssync-debug_vgcscan(8),


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