pts_eachgroup - Iterate Protection Service group entries


pts eachgroup [-iregex <include by regular expression of name>+] [-eregex <exclude by regular expression of name>+] [-flag <require all the named flags>+] [-format <output format string>] [-execute] [-verbose] [-count] [-cell <cell name>] [-noauth] [-localauth] [-force] [-help] [-auth] [-encrypt [<yes|no>]] [-config <configuration file>] [-principal <authentication principal>] [-keytab <path to keytab for tokens>] [-encrypt [yes|no]]


pts eachgroup enumerates Protection Service group entries satisfying specified predicates and, for each, will expand a user-specified format string. The result of expansion may be interpreted as a shell command and invoked, if -execute is given.



The Auristor User Number (AUN) of the group's creator, in decimal.


The flags associated with the entry.


The flags associated with the entry, using human readable names.


The AuriStor Group Number (AGN) of the group, in decimal.


The textual name of the group.


The AUN of the group's owner, in decimal.

-iregex <group name regular expression>

Include for enumeration groups whose name matches the given regular expression, as per regex(7). If no -iregex options are given, all groups will be considered included, but may be subsequently excluded. Multiple -iregex messages will cause a group that matches any argument to be included.

-eregex <group name regular expression>

Exclude from iteration groups whose names match a given regular expression. If no -eregex options are given, no groups will be excluded by name (but other filters may apply). Multiple -eregex parameters will exclude groups that match any of them.


Restrict iteration to groups with the specified flags asserted on their Protection entries. The following flags are understood:

ngroups =item nusers =item status_any =item status_mem =item owned_any =item member_any =item member_mem =item add_any =item add_mem =item remove_mem

Interpret the post-expansion format string as a shell command. If the string begins with "pts ", it will be interpreted as a pts command and efficiently executed by the current pts process without spawning another instance.


Print the number of matching entries.


The issuer must belong to the system:administrators group.


pts(1), pts_creategroup(1), pts_createuser(1), pts_eachuser(1), pts_listentries(1), pts_examine(1)


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